Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving & Black Friday Shopping November 28 & 29, 2013

Evening lovelies ! On Thanksgiving our grandparents were hosting the family Thanksgiving lunch, so I helped a little cleaning up ^^ I actually woke up the latest at around .10 am. The lunch started at noon, and it was pretty fun. We all cracked jokes, and my uncle made delicious pot roast. Well actually I didn't eat any turkey, I preferred to eat ham ^^ after the lunch, we finished cleaning up at around 5 pm. After that I had to go to my old city, which was 1 hour away. We arrived at 6 and ate dinner with my cousins. After that, we went to Walmart, because the sales started at 6. The store was really crazy, and the line would take about 30 minutes literally ;_; we went to the mall at 10 and I waited for the H&M to open at midnight, and I only bought a sweater vest and gloves HHAHAAHAHAH. I also bought a long sleeve, for $8, and jacket for $16 at Hollister. I left for home at about 5:30 am. I woke up at 1 pm. I didn't really do much today. It was mostly just traveling. And I watched our church volleyball and basketball competitions. Yeah, so till tomorrow~  Todays song is

Mutrix ft. Charity Vance - Come Alive (The Two Friends Remix)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hot Then Cold

Evening lovelies. So today was alright in the beginning, but then it got worse towards the end of the night. So I woke up at 4:30 am to go to church, as you can probably tell, I was grouchy when I woke up, due to the fact that I slept at midnight, Yeah well actually that's my fault. -.- well if you didn't know, I live with my grandparents, and the cousins from San Fran were staying with us from Wednesday till Sunday. As you can tell, we had to super clean the house and put away groceries. That took us from about 10 am to about 1 pm? Looking at that it, it doesn't seem that long, but then there was so much work ;_; My cousins said they were coming at night, so we took our time cleaning up. Then they said they were an hour away, at about noon. So we tried to clean the house first, and we were waiting. Turns out they went to their uncle's house. I waited for about 4 hours. Which was okay. When they got here, of course hugs and cheers were brought. I dyed my cousins hair, which turned out that her roots came out a tit bit lighter. I used Palty Caramel Sauce and left it in for an hour. My cousin said her ends weren't dead but they were a little dry. With my other cousin, we had a rubber band fight, yes so childish, I know. The cold part to my day was when my grandparents asked all of us what we wanted our future careers to be, and I said entertainer. Then they just thought really negative, and they showed no support whatsoever. Yeah so that kind of killed my day *sigh*.
Todays song is Titanium, the Sam Tsui Version. Till tomorrow. Farewell.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bad Day Sad Day

Evening Lovelies ! So right now I have hair dye in my hair o u o. I'm dying it back to black with Garnier Nutriese in Number 10. So for the camera, my debit card had problems. So the camera was $679.75 while the hair mask was $20.40. I put $700 on the cards, but I guess I forgot to wait till my camera was confirmed before I bought the hair mask, so my order ended up getting cancelled ;_; just 10 cents. asdfghjkl but I guess I'll wait till Black Friday *sobs* What are you guys buying? Today wasn't really productive, I just did my laundry, but I didn't get it out of the dryer yet HUAHUAHAUAHUAHAUA that was like 9 hours ago. Yeah so I changed the layout to my blog a little, and new music ^__^ anyways hope you guys enjoy it and till tomorrow ~

Back to Blog?

Hey guys ;_; I'm super sorry, it's been forever. I kind of forgot to blog >.> obviously. Well I am determined to blog everyday now ! Blogging is kind of therapeutic :DDD So today I ordered the Canon Rebel t5i with a 18-135mm lens from the Canon Website ^___^ it was on sale for about $680? That's pretty good instead of $800 ^^ I also got to order the Essential Damage-Care Rich Premier Hair Mask & Essential Damage-Care Nuance Airy Hair Mask from Yesstyle ^^. I've actually been meaning to buy these hair masks for a couple of years. Since I saw Bubzbeauty's Video. Yup yup yup. So since it's midnight, technically later I have to do my bio homework *sigh*. And I''m going to start to read 'The Book Thief' for the first time ! Also I gots to do laundry later ;_; anyways time for me to turn in. Today's song I'm listening to is We Are The "B" by Ugly Ducklings in Dream High 2 ~ Goodnight everyone. Talk to you later :)

Friday, July 19, 2013

EOS Super Nudy Grey Circle Lens Review

Herro secsi bbys. So today blog post is about circle lenses OwO. These are really basic lenses, basic as in most circle lens users should know/have had this pair of lenses ^___^

Onto the review !
So we will be covering 4 sections, comfortability, enlargement, design/colour, and overall.


So first of all, my eyes naturally dry so  lenses for me usually get dry at the 5 hour mark. However, these lenses allow me to wear them for 6-7 hours without getting uncomfortable. If you have regular moist eyes, then you can probably wear them for 8 hours, even though that is the max recommended amount of time.

4.5/5 for comfortability


These lenses are 14.8mm in diameter so they are close to the max size of circle lenses, the limbo or black outer ring helps to enlarge your eyes, giving the dolly eyed effect look. If you want a natural look, these lenses aren't the ones for you, I would recommend the fay or regular nudy lenses.

4.5/5 for enlargment


These lenses in person and in flash photography, come out rather bluish-grey rather than grey grey. The design is designed to look very sparkly however natural. These circle lenses are really noticeable in flash photography.

4/5 for design/colour


The super nudy grey lenses, are a good pair to have and is a really good pair of lenses to wear, but if you want a grey lenses, these may not suit your preference, if you don't mind the bluish-grey tint in these lens, then you may fall in love with these lenses. Would I purchase these again? Well I would want the try the EOS fay grey lenses which are these lenses but smaller and no ring.

4/5 for overall.

The lenses in the case:

Left lens inside out

Right Lens correct side out

Lenses on without flash:

Lens on with flash:

Lens close up without flash:

Lens closeup with flash:

Thank you for reading and have a good day !

-Daniel Villanueva

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Zomg hey guys ! Long time no blog. Ok don't judge me, I've been supper dupper really lazy. I blame the summer heat. So 2 weekends ago, I went to Anime Expo 2013 in Los Angeles which was super fun, I saw awesome cosplays, and even some of my friends cosplayed. I also met with KUC (Kawaii Ulzzang Contest) people who were very talented, smart, and super good looking (my self esteem went down a lot, ok). Lately I've found myself listening to more piano music and more classical music. Also I downloaded my favorite movie ever which is Studio Ghibli's Kiki's Delivery Service, and my favorite sound track from there was 'A Town With A Ocean View' but I quite enjoyed the piano version more than the original. So today I just uploaded a new video on skincare on my Youtube channel:
 (the thumbnail)
The video was based on skincare and the banner is quite self explanitory. I made the video because I will be flying later tonight to the Philippines for vacation,, and I'm super excited to see friends, family, and to go SHOPPING. I will be staying there until August 18th and in the month of August are my grandparents birthdays. It's quite cute that their birthdays are actually just one day apart. My lolo (grandpa in Filipino) will be turning 85 ! He is one of the most funny and down to Earth individual, however he is starting to lose his ability to hear things which I'm kind of nervous about but I'm still glad to see him. The flight from LA to the Philippines is I believe 14+ hours. Uhhh such a long flight right? I think most of the time, I'm going to be sleeping, applying skincare products o u o, and also listening to KPOP ok that is literally my life. So that wraps up everything so far, sorry long ask post today ! So I will be sure to update you guys soon, if there are any of you :) 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hey guys it's Daniel ! So now I am determined to cosplay as Hope Estheim from Final Fantasy XIII .
The thing is, he's so pale, and I'm so not.
I also need to buy a new wig, his hair is a ash type of white blonde, kind of platinum, but more ash tones.

I think this is the best Hope cosplay, but it's a girl ._.

However I also need to match his emerald green eyes. NEW CIRCLE LENSES HERE I COME

*sobs sobs* I need to match his clothes too ._. so I think I'll buy this one

So much work to do, but I do also have a month to work on this because Anime Expo is in July so I'll keep you guys posted ! Bye ^^

Saturday, May 25, 2013

I Fairy Lumos Blue review

Hey guys its Daniel ! So this is just a quickie quickie review on these circle lenses. This circle lenses are made by I Fairy which I believe are from the manufacturer of Vassen (I may be wrong). 

These are a noticeably pop of blue in my dark brown eyes which I found quite surprising. It depends what lighting you are in so the color may vary as it does in most lenses. In person they are a navy blue in indoor lighting, outside they are a international Klein blue. 

I rate it a 9/10.

The design is fairly simple too, the blue part of the lenses have a sort of petal like design and a black limbo (outer) ring. These lenses in my opinion resemble the pop-c lenses. I also like how it is simple type of circle lens design.


To me, my eyes seem to find I fairy lenses really comfortable. However, when you first soak the solution when you open it, the lenses feel really scratchy. To me I have to kind of break in the lenses and my eyes have to get use to them. After about 2 times of wearing them after they have been opened, the lenses on feel like they aren't on and you can wear them 8-10 hours without drying or irritation. However, it depends on your eyes themselves and each persons comfort level may vary.

Comfort: 9.5/10

I believe all I fairy lenses are 14.5mm in diameter but are advertised as 16mm. The number 16mm does not derive from the actually size of the lenses, but the effect. Lenses with a black limbo ring in my opinion make the lenses look larger because the black creates a depth in your eyes with causes a sort of hypnotizing time of feel. They make my eyes look really large and doll like. So if you want big blue lenses, these are the lenses for you.

Enlargement: 10/10

Overall of these lenses, I hardly wear them only due to the fact that I usually only wear brown and grey. However, I do like these lenses a lot, but I usually go from brown and grey lenses better. 

Top: no lens
Middle: lens
Bottom: comparisons 

Overall I rate these I fairy Lumos blue circle lenses a 9/10.

Pictures of the lenses on me :3

Thank you guys for taking your time and reading this blog post ^^ have a nice day :)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Hey Guys !

Hello everyone that most likely won't read this :)
I'm Daniel Villanueva, a current student in California. I needed a hobby to due and I thought, hey blogging is really interesting ! I try to vlog also on, how I haven't really vlogged vlogged yet. In the future I hope to ^^ to anyone that reads this, please stay tune to future posts !