Saturday, November 28, 2015


Hey friends, so I guess I got around 1,600 views on my blog, but mostly I write this like as a diary. Today we are going to be talking about crushes. OHOOHOHO yes, I kind of like someone right now. The reason I say 'kind of', is because I am really  uncertain how I should feel. I met this person last week and I am really intrigued. I'm not sure why, maybe it's because the person doesn't like me (yes, I know that sounds really really stupid), but this person is totally the opposite of people I liked before. My crush is pretty towards others, really freaking smart, but also a total dare devil and likes to take risk. Maybe it's because I hardly like anyone in person (because people around me are gross), and I usually dated online, but being in real life with this person feel scary. I'm not sure to confess because we have only known each other for a short amount of time, but I want to be friends with the person first. Sometimes I kind of hate myself because I tend to move really fast with relationships, and I always want the end outcome fast. I know that is really really dumb, because I want to get to know my crush first as a friend. In the end it will be better, because I will get to know my crush better as a person, and if something happens and we are in a relationship, I will to appreciate my crush more. I don't really know if it is a crush or being fond of the person, but as of now, I will try my hardest to remain friends.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

BamBam Obsessed

Hello everyone !!! Today I am going to talk to you about my GOT7 BamBam addiction. I don't know why, but BamBam has attracted me sooo much since Just Right. At first my bias was YoungJae because of 'A' era, but I never really felt like I was connected to him. After Just Right, seeing how much BamBam has grown up, he really started to get my attention. Now that GOT7 has come back with their new song If You Do, I can say BamBam is really my bias. I don't know, he is just so cool and he has a particular aura about him, especially when I saw him in person, and I got to high five him. OMG HE LITERALLY LOOKED UNREAL.Sigh I wish to grow up handsome also. Well that is today's post ohooh.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hello !!

Hi friends, how are you all doing? Right now I am doing beauty day (night) because lately I have not been looking cute af LOL. So I had to shave my mustache, used a sugar scrub on my face because I have a lot of bumps on my face, and now I am using a peel off forehead mask (its like a nose strip). Nothing much interesting happened today, the only memorable thing was that I went online shopping during pre calculus (I bought a BTS Jimin crew neck on amazon), my group in physics got a 6/20 on one part of our project, and during APUSH (AP US History), I went online window shopping. Gg, on the bright side, my Adidas hat I ordered arrived, and also my Got7 BamBam shirt arrived !!

Monday, November 2, 2015

I'm back bb

Hi friends, how are you ? Sorry I haven't blogged in a long time. I will try to blog everyday now. Oho we all know how that went, but writing a blog for me is really fun. I am doing well, now I am a junior in high school and I live in Texas instead of California now. I think I have grown as a person quite a bit now (I also got better looking muahaha). I am still a dork and have no life, in fact I have less of a life in Dallas because I don't have much friends here. Anyways, I am in class right now s000o I'm gonna pay attention now (I never do). Bye bbs

Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving & Black Friday Shopping November 28 & 29, 2013

Evening lovelies ! On Thanksgiving our grandparents were hosting the family Thanksgiving lunch, so I helped a little cleaning up ^^ I actually woke up the latest at around .10 am. The lunch started at noon, and it was pretty fun. We all cracked jokes, and my uncle made delicious pot roast. Well actually I didn't eat any turkey, I preferred to eat ham ^^ after the lunch, we finished cleaning up at around 5 pm. After that I had to go to my old city, which was 1 hour away. We arrived at 6 and ate dinner with my cousins. After that, we went to Walmart, because the sales started at 6. The store was really crazy, and the line would take about 30 minutes literally ;_; we went to the mall at 10 and I waited for the H&M to open at midnight, and I only bought a sweater vest and gloves HHAHAAHAHAH. I also bought a long sleeve, for $8, and jacket for $16 at Hollister. I left for home at about 5:30 am. I woke up at 1 pm. I didn't really do much today. It was mostly just traveling. And I watched our church volleyball and basketball competitions. Yeah, so till tomorrow~  Todays song is

Mutrix ft. Charity Vance - Come Alive (The Two Friends Remix)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hot Then Cold

Evening lovelies. So today was alright in the beginning, but then it got worse towards the end of the night. So I woke up at 4:30 am to go to church, as you can probably tell, I was grouchy when I woke up, due to the fact that I slept at midnight, Yeah well actually that's my fault. -.- well if you didn't know, I live with my grandparents, and the cousins from San Fran were staying with us from Wednesday till Sunday. As you can tell, we had to super clean the house and put away groceries. That took us from about 10 am to about 1 pm? Looking at that it, it doesn't seem that long, but then there was so much work ;_; My cousins said they were coming at night, so we took our time cleaning up. Then they said they were an hour away, at about noon. So we tried to clean the house first, and we were waiting. Turns out they went to their uncle's house. I waited for about 4 hours. Which was okay. When they got here, of course hugs and cheers were brought. I dyed my cousins hair, which turned out that her roots came out a tit bit lighter. I used Palty Caramel Sauce and left it in for an hour. My cousin said her ends weren't dead but they were a little dry. With my other cousin, we had a rubber band fight, yes so childish, I know. The cold part to my day was when my grandparents asked all of us what we wanted our future careers to be, and I said entertainer. Then they just thought really negative, and they showed no support whatsoever. Yeah so that kind of killed my day *sigh*.
Todays song is Titanium, the Sam Tsui Version. Till tomorrow. Farewell.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bad Day Sad Day

Evening Lovelies ! So right now I have hair dye in my hair o u o. I'm dying it back to black with Garnier Nutriese in Number 10. So for the camera, my debit card had problems. So the camera was $679.75 while the hair mask was $20.40. I put $700 on the cards, but I guess I forgot to wait till my camera was confirmed before I bought the hair mask, so my order ended up getting cancelled ;_; just 10 cents. asdfghjkl but I guess I'll wait till Black Friday *sobs* What are you guys buying? Today wasn't really productive, I just did my laundry, but I didn't get it out of the dryer yet HUAHUAHAUAHUAHAUA that was like 9 hours ago. Yeah so I changed the layout to my blog a little, and new music ^__^ anyways hope you guys enjoy it and till tomorrow ~