Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Back to Blog?

Hey guys ;_; I'm super sorry, it's been forever. I kind of forgot to blog >.> obviously. Well I am determined to blog everyday now ! Blogging is kind of therapeutic :DDD So today I ordered the Canon Rebel t5i with a 18-135mm lens from the Canon Website ^___^ it was on sale for about $680? That's pretty good instead of $800 ^^ I also got to order the Essential Damage-Care Rich Premier Hair Mask & Essential Damage-Care Nuance Airy Hair Mask from Yesstyle ^^. I've actually been meaning to buy these hair masks for a couple of years. Since I saw Bubzbeauty's Video. Yup yup yup. So since it's midnight, technically later I have to do my bio homework *sigh*. And I''m going to start to read 'The Book Thief' for the first time ! Also I gots to do laundry later ;_; anyways time for me to turn in. Today's song I'm listening to is We Are The "B" by Ugly Ducklings in Dream High 2 ~ Goodnight everyone. Talk to you later :)

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